Cloud Detection and Response Platform

CYCL gives companies the power to detect and respond to cyber threats in private and public cloud environments quickly and efficiently

The Power of AI
at Your Fingertips

CYCL stands at the forefront of cybersecurity solutions, offering unmatched AI and ML capabilities. With a keen focus on safeguarding both private and public cloud infrastructures, CYCL harnesses advanced machine learning algorithms to rapidly identify potential cyber threats. Its AI-driven mechanisms not only ensure timely detection but also facilitate swift response actions, empowering companies to maintain robust security postures in an increasingly complex threat landscape.

360° Discovery

CYCL's 360 Discovery provides a comprehensive view of your company's security posture, empowering informed decisions and effective resource prioritization. With a clear perspective on the entire security landscape, our process delivers customized cybersecurity solutions fitting your unique needs and budget. Gain insights to continually bolster defenses against emerging threats. This isn't a one-sided endeavor; our experts collaborate closely with your team, ensuring optimal results.

Decision support

Beyond just detection, powered by our proprietary Virtual Analyst, CYCL streamlines operations by automating cumbersome cybersecurity tasks, liberating company resources for other core activities. Recognizing the diverse needs and financial capacities of different organizations, our solutions are meticulously customizable, ensuring that every business, regardless of its size, has access to advanced cybersecurity expertise without breaking the bank.

Protective threat detection

By employing cutting-edge technology alongside expert analysis, we ensure rapid threat detection and timely response. Recognizing the need for foresight in security, proactive threat detection is the cornerstone of our comprehensive cybersecurity infrastructure. Our strategic approach meticulously identifies and addresses potential vulnerabilities, substantially decreasing the chances of successful cyber attacks.

Cloud-focused expertise

Leveraging our cloud-centric expertise, we facilitate seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition and adaptability. CYCL is designed to optimize your cloud deployments, ensuring peak performance and efficiency which, in turn, trims costs and elevates productivity. Whether managing multi-cloud setups or on-premises environments, CYCL ensures optimal management.

Additional Capabilities

The Ultimate Tech & Talent Stack

CYCL’s Virtual Analyst offers relentless 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring and analysis, ensuring threats are detected and responded to in real-time. When the precision of CYCL’s Virtual Analyst is synergized with human expertise, it culminates in an unparalleled cybersecurity approach, setting a new gold standard in cyber protection.

The MITRE ATT&CK framework serves as the backbone for CYCL’s approach, ensuring that every detection standard set is aligned with the most comprehensive and up-to-date threat intelligence. By seamlessly integrating MITRE’s guidelines, CYCL not only ensures its systems are fortified against a vast spectrum of cyber threats but also champions the cultivation of an industry environment where transparency, collaboration, and cutting-edge defense mechanisms are paramount.
Beyond Vulnerability Testing

With CYCL’s cutting-edge External Attack Surface (EAS) management, clients are given a vivid representation of their digital assets as seen through the eyes of potential attackers. This goes beyond traditional vulnerability testing. By simulating the perspective of external threats, CYCL ensures that clients not only identify potential vulnerabilities but also understand the broader context in which these vulnerabilities might be exploited.

Your Digital Footprint Unveiled

CYCL’s Threat Intelligence Process scours vast data repositories, seeking mentions or associations linked to you. Beyond traditional alerts, this system taps into public knowledge and dark web sources, encompassing data from suspicious domains to breached accounts. By dissecting this information, CYCL provides a panoramic view of your online presence, alerting you to potential threats even before they materialize.


CYCL Advantages

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