Secure Development

BugSec provides professional support services to organizations' development teams and programmers in a number of ways.

Additionally, organizations may purchase detailed instruction manuals for secure writing, whose main purpose is to verify that programmers avoid errors while writing application codes.

Purchasing the manual also provides added value beyond the specific development results, since the programmers' adherence to the instructions detailed in the manual will eventually lead to the enhancement of their secure writing skills and will benefit other projects they will work on in the future. The programmers' improved, secure writing skills will also result in potential cost savings for the organization, in information security tests and repair deficiencies.

BugSec's recommended course of action is to assign one of its experts to a predefined position for a predetermined period of time, during which the development process takes place from beginning to end and the necessary professional support will be provided. The period of time will be finalized in advance between BugSec and the organization, taking into account its needs and expectations, in order to ensure the proper result.