The development of computerization and information systems technologies in recent years has created a complex, multi-user environment, in which various central, yet polar elements are involved, for example: organizations vs. clients; availability vs. large data bases; and security vs. broad access authorizations. In order to obtain the maximal functionality from these technologies, while still maintaining a high level of information security, it is important for the organization to undergo an examination by a professional, objective, external body with proven high capabilities, and to implement its recommendations.

BugSec is a leader in the field of Information security in general; and in the performance of penetration tests and server and network hardening, in particular. The company supplies penetration testing services, as well as server and network hardening services based on a unique, proprietary methodology and the use of break-in tools and manual checks.

Additionally, BugSec supplies instruction manuals used for network hardening in a variety of products, such as servers, firewalls, end stations, gateways, etc.