About Us

BugSec Company was founded in early 2005, its main activities are in the information security tests field, guidance services and inner-organization develop escort on the data security aspects. BugSec Company develops products and innovative tools which gives focused solution to systems data security issues.

The technological complexity in large organizations which don't tend to compromise when it comes to the sensitive information they posses requires profound knowledge, professionalism and experience in the data security field. BugSec Company believes that the focused knowledge and professionalism are the key to a more effective and productive integration of the counseling company in the organization by escorting the development, outsourcing of the data security experts, guidance and performing tests.


A significant business advantage to the organization which invests resources in the data security field can be gained only when the offered solutions derived from calculating the risks exist as well understanding the real needs of the client.
The company uniqueness comes to expression in its abilities to provide practical and meaningful results to the security and data systems division in the organization simultaneously to provide scenarios to the businesses effects at eye level to the managers of the organization which focuses less on the technical aspect and more on the core business aspect of the organization, in order to illustrate the need and the reasons to invest resources and giving a clearer point of view when it comes to the technical aspect effects on the business aspect.

The growing awareness to the need in investing resources when it comes to the organization's data security requires profound consideration from the service givers in the fields. BugSec Company attributes to the subject of providing fast and efficient results high value, because the service effectiveness is measured by "cost benefit" according to the organization size and needs.

Also, the professional crew in the company works by a pre-defined methodology adjusted to the company size, methodology which economizes tests and reports production times as much as possible, while not compromising on getting the best result.
To BugSec Company many business partners in performing project tests, counseling and assimilation of the security products in large organizations and a wide variety of clients which receives the highest test results.