Secure Development

BugSec provides professional support services to organizations’ development teams and programmers. Our team follows the company in the entire developing process with a rich variety of services that covering all security aspects.

Our services include:

  • Creating and integrating SSDLC.
  • Analyzing existing security issues.
  • Accompanying the design and development teams of experienced developers.
  • Professional manual security code review.
  • Automate code review reports analytics.
  • Secure development trainings.
  • Applicative and Infrastructure penetration testing.
  • Applicative and Infrastructure risk surveys.
  • Real time response to security attacks.

Forensics for security events.


Code Review

Application code review enables us to review and find the information security deficiencies in a comprehensive and accurate manner. By reviewing the code of functions and objects, Bugsec’s experts can identify information security deficiencies and locate problems that are more difficult to identify when carrying out regular penetration tests. BugSec’s experts have performed a large number of code reviews in Web environments, mobile device applications, server/client applications, Gateway applications, etc…