Penetration Testing

The technological threat landscape is constantly changing, and it is important to regularly check existing systems for new vulnerabilities. Similarly, when introducing new systems, devices, and interdependencies to your organization, it is critical to ensure that they do not represent a threat. Organizations now present a multitude of system & device vulnerabilities that offer attackers opportunities to compromise their security.

Penetration tests and the implementation of their results will reduce the options available to hostile elements attempting to penetrate the organization’s network and applications, and will provide an important additional security layer, which often is the critical layer.


Infrastructure Testing

An infrastructure penetration test is a method of evaluating the security of a computer system or network by simulating an attack from a malicious source. IT infrastructure and network is of critical importance to every company’s successful operation. BugSec specializes in the performance of diverse tests that determine the level of information security of your infrastructure and network, such as penetration tests from the external to the internal network; and tests conducted on servers, end stations, infrastructure products, firewall bypass and more.

Application Testing

Application security testing can be performed from both an internal and external perspective and involves an active analysis of the application for any weaknesses, technical flaws, or vulnerabilities. The importance of protecting the organization’s applications is rapidly increasing due to the accelerated transition to the use of Web applications, which is becoming broader on a daily basis, and supplies users with unique and new access options that have not existed in the past.

BugSec specializes in the performance of advanced application tests, Our experts conduct complex application tests based on our unique, proprietary methodology, developed by BugSec’s founders. This includes new web technology such as Node-JS, Angular, HTML5 and more.

Internal Attack Simulation

Internal Penetration Testing from the client’s office that examines the possibility of an internal physical access to a network to gain control over the organization network. The test examines the possibility to achieve strong user privileges in order to review or edit information that the user is not authorized to access.

Security Product Evaluation

Bugsec offers “product security” services that provide highly professional evaluation of security product logic strength.

This service combines standard penetration testing attacks and BugSec’s unique knowledge and experience and focuses on bypassing business logic of the product to check whether it is vulnerable to malicious actions. For example: bypass security measures like sandbox, AV, NAC, browsing and client level security controls.

Vulnerability Assessment

Bugsec Vulnerability Assessment Services provide comprehensive network vulnerability assessment for measuring network security risks. Scanning network devices including firewalls, routers, switches, servers, workstations, printers and print servers.

These tests identify and locate vulnerabilities, categorize them by severity and provide detailed reports with standard vulnerability elimination procedures. Our experienced team of security engineers also works to identify false positives.