In-House Security Center

At the heart of the SOC is the near real-time monitoring team, analyzing the security events and managing the security posture. BugSec SOC consultants are deployed in a number of different ways to meet the client requirements, either as contractors or to supplement Full Time Employees (FTE). The following are a few examples of how clients currently utilize our staff:

  • Manpower substitution to the end client (either unbranded or BugSec branded).
  • Manpower substitution to a service delivery client (branded as the service delivery client).
  • 24-7 shift working junior analysts, with the client managing the team and day staff.
  • On-call expert escalation to support client staff when incidents occur.
  • On-call temporary staff to fill-in for vacation etc., of client staff (reducing FTE head-count).
  • Entire SOC team in-sourced to the client site.
  • Architecture only, designing a networks monitoring capability.
  • Management only, using BugSec capability to manage and train client FTE’s.
  • Advanced Analysts to support clients’ existing team.

BugSec’s experienced, professional recruitment staff will be at your disposal to recruit and provide qualified permanent staff for your SOC.