Phishing Campaign

Phishing is an attempt of a foreign entity pretending to be a legitimate entity, extracting sensitive information such as passwords, usernames or financial data.

Phishing is usually performed through an impostor sending messages or e-mails under the name of someone familiar, by sending a link with leads to a fake site where the user is required to enter a user name and password and other sensitive data.

Bugsec provides a Phishing service in order to raise awareness among the organization employees and to thereby reduce events of sensitive information leakage. Depending on organization’s needs, the service can be provided once or on a periodic basis, and can be target-focused or widespread.

Bugsec will provide a presentation that summarizes the activities and includes examples, screenshots and more. In addition, the customer can get statistics and a full mapping of workers’ actions to help them to improve in the future and to assess the success of the campaign.