External Attack Surface Management


Within the CYCL platform, the External Attack Surface (EAS) management feature offers a critical perspective on cybersecurity, enabling users to view their publicly exposed digital assets through the eyes of potential cyber attackers. This module is integral to the CYCL platform, enhancing the overall cybersecurity strategy with its unique focus on external threat simulation. It complements the platform’s comprehensive suite of security tools by providing insights into how vulnerabilities in publicly accessible assets could be exploited.

Targeted External Scanning

The EAS management component of the CYCL platform performs targeted external scanning of digital assets that are publicly exposed. This scanning process is designed to identify visible vulnerabilities from outside the organization. The objective is to map out the attack surface accessible to potential cyber adversaries, providing a clear view of the security risks associated with these external-facing assets.

Simulation of Attacker's Perspective

Simulation of Attacker's Perspective

A vital functionality of the EAS management feature, is an attacker’s perspective simulation. This involves using advanced methodologies to think and act like a potential attacker, identifying exploitable vulnerabilities, and assessing the potential impact of different attack vectors. This proactive approach helps anticipate how attackers might exploit these vulnerabilities, allowing users of the CYCL platform to implement more effective defensive strategies against such threats.

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