Numerous research studies prove that the integration of information security elements, such as secured development from the get-go, characterization, application design, secured code writing and system and infrastructure hardening stages – are the most effective and efficient way of maintaining a proper information security policy, and the only way in which an organization may save extensive resources when implementing steps in order to meet strict information security standards and regulations.

Many organizations are required to comply with Information security standards, such as PCI-VISA, BASEL II, HIPAA, SOX, etc. These security standards required the organization to meet clearly defined application security standards, as well as technological systems maintenance/operating security standards; therefore, numerous information security tests are conduced with the aim of detecting deficiencies and remedying them.

Remedying deficiencies is not always successful; as the systems have already been developed and defined, any modification may have many implications that render its implementation difficult. Consequently, it is advisable to implement a well-structured information security methodology from the onset, i.e., from the initial stages of the development project, through to its production.

Sec2Pro is a package of information security products, which integrates technological security into each of the project's stages – from its initiation until its production. The purpose of the Sec2Pro package is to encompass the full range of elements that are critical to the organization as it prepares to develop a project. It places emphasis on issues such as:

  • Secure development of applications;
  • Hardening of systems and servers;
  • Performance of validation checks before the production stage.

Sec2Pro provides the organization's professional staff with support in the area of information systems (programmers, system specialists and QA personnel), assisting them to implement the security procedures the organization aspires to maintain, as well as to comply with predefined regulations or standards.

By dividing information security issues into categories, from the fundamental level to the realization of a specific procedure via a sample code or system definition, the organization may assimilate active information security that meets its particular needs, without requiring constant use of external know-how, or by only conducting controlled penetration tests.

By assimilating Sec2Pro, information security managers can perform online tracking of the integration and assimilation of the procedures into their organization. By observing the stages of the responses given to checklists, and printing reports containing data concerning non-compliance with regulations or standards and pinpointing the precise location of such irregularities, the status may be assessed, and focus may be placed on the options the organization may choose from in order to remedy the deficiencies.

Additionally, the Sec2Pro package saves the organization considerable resources that would have been allocated to carrying out inspections and verifying compliance to relevant regulations and procedures.

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