Sec2Net Overview

Effective protection in an organization is expressed on several levels, the most important of which are the applications, the infrastructure and the security systems.

Infrastructure that is highly secured will substantially reduce malicious users' and hackers' capacity to detect gaps in the organization's security system and thus gain access to its sensitive data. Hardening infrastructure from the initial stages of assimilation into the organization's systems is extremely important, since its redefinition following faulty installation will necessitate the execution of a variety of tests and the involvement of other entities – which will lead to significant costs to the organization on the one hand; and may not fully resolve the problem, on the other hand. Therefore, managing the information security policy, including the implementation of clearly defined procedures for hardening its systems, in a methodological, orderly manner, is of great significance.

Over the years, various information security standards and regulations have been developed, which organizations are requiring to comply with in order to protect their data. They do so by complying with precise, focused instructions that relate to the proper management of information systems and secured infrastructure configuration.

Sec2Net is a unique, proprietary product developed by BugSec, aimed at supporting compliance with the regulations the organization is subject to, by providing instructions that are based on broad knowledge and expertise, while also incorporating advanced technologies and exclusive protective methods.

Sec2Net Solutions

Sec2Net is a system that supplies detailed information security solutions, updating itself regularly in accordance with technological advancements, the development of new security exposures and procedures and regulations, which are dynamic by nature.

Sec2Net is intended for systems specialists and Information Security Managers. It directs them how to successfully complete implementation of the procedures and standards using specific checklists for hardening a wide variety of system and infrastructure types. The system creates a commitment to comply with information security procedures by responding to checklists in an organized manner, as well as by enabling to view deviations at any given moment.

The hardening and information security actions that have been implemented at each stage of work carried out on the system are documented.

Detailed reports are produced for accurate, online indication of the infrastructure hardening status. An accurate report concerning compliance or deviation from standards and/or regulations is also provided, directly indicating the root of the problem and options for improvement in order to comply with the relevant standard.

Sec2Net is user-friendly, and encompasses the security exposure from the level of the core of the problem to a detailed explanation concerning the specific repair, including examples.It enables to receive suggestions for repairs of complex problems from internal or external experts, including professional support from BugSec's help desk.

Sec2Net's Advantages

  • Sec2Net allows to dictate the procedures and verify their proper implementation in practice.

  • The dissemination of status reports allows all the hierarchical layers within the organization that come into contact with information systems to be updated on elements relating to information security and compliance with regulations.

  • Complete and precise documentation of the steps taken to enhance and ensure information security is stored in the system and produced in the form of reports.

  • Sec2Net is continuously updated as regulations are modified, as new information security problems are identified, and as technological advancements lead to the development of new infrastructure products, without the need to produce new, expensive procedures booklets.

  • The distribution list is wide – including both professional personnel in various positions and the organization's management team.

  • Fruitful dialog is generated, as well as direct contact between the organization's information security systems and its Information Security Department, for the purpose of updating and professional support.