Penetration Testing

Experience has proven time and again that hostile entities, such as competitors and hackers, look for useful information about companies in order to exploit it to their own benefit; they will do so even when the targeted company is unaware of this activity for extended periods of time.
Penetration tests are a process in which the level of security in an organization's infrastructure and applications is realistically evaluated, and options for rectifying the deficiencies are examined. It is extremely important to conduct periodic penetration tests in organizations having sensitive data and data bases that require protection from intentional or random attacks.

Penetration tests and the implementation of their results will reduce the options available to hostile elements attempting to penetrate the organization's network and applications, and will provide an important, additional security layer, which oftentimes is the critical layer.
There are two main types of penetration tests: those performed on applications, and those performed on infrastructure.

The tests are implemented in accordance with the organization's needs and goals, both from a technical viewpoint, and to satisfy compliance with various standards, such as ISO 17799, SOX, HIPAA instruction 357, etc.

BugSec conducts numerous, diverse tests at a large number of organizations whose work requires them to store and utilize sensitive data. Our clients, who benefit from superior information security services, include world leading hi-tech companies; as well as governmental, public and private sector companies in Israel, including insurance, communication and content companies.